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Major Events Summit goes virtual - with a discount for CRJ readers!

Posted on 15th May 2020 at 11:38am

Major Events International’s (MEI) flagship Major Events Summit has been re-imagined as a virtual event for the week of July 6-12, 2020.

The Crisis Response Journal is pleased to support the event, which brings together the heavyweights and shapers of the major international sporting and events industry. The core purpose of the Major Events Summit is to help sports organisations and rights holders achieve their goals and objectives.

The summit will deliver insightful, opportunity-related content from major event CEOs, COOs, operations directors and procurement staff. The scope includes all mass gathering events ranging from festivals, sports competitions, love experience and temporary and permanent venue requirements. There will be the opportunity to share best practice and strengthen B2B relationships. 

While the events industry is being affected greatly by Covid-19, MEI is confident that the live events ecosystem will bounce back bigger and stronger than ever before but it recognises that there may be concerns about mass gatherings. MEI hopes that the summit helps to ensure that the industry can find new ways of achieving a new normality and it welcomes active involvement from its participants. 

For the 2020 Summit, MEI will be providing as many of the benefits of its past face-to-face events as it can. Live-streamed briefings and pre-recorded additional content will be available after the two main live-streamed content days on (July 7 and 8), as will use of the networking tools and enhanced market profile opportunities.

Don’t miss the opportunity to:

  • Gain insight - Market updates, insights and wider opportunities from 2021-2032
  • Grow your network – Meet (through virtual introduction) key event decision-makers; understand how they operate, tender, procure and when they are going to do so
  • Be Flexible – Choose the best time to suit your personal agenda to access the content. Presentations will be live-streamed, but also available for an extra four days after the stream. Whether you’re busy on the day or you live in a different time zone, you’ll have the ability to catch up. In addition to the live-streamed content, there will be a library of pre-recorded content from event organisers who could not appear live themselves.
  • Be time and cost efficient – With no flight and hotel costs, never has there been a more effective alternative way to help you achieve your objectives.

It only takes two minutes register for the sixth edition of the Major Events Summit.

If you’re an event organiser with a procurement or sponsorhip need, be sure to claim your free pass now. For those seeking to service ths market, commercial companies are welcome to register today - the commercial company early bird 30 per cent discount expires on May 22. If you include the code CRJ20 you get a further 20 per cent discount!

Click here to register. 


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