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Christine Jessup

An Australian, Christine Jessup is an education specialist with a particular interest in organisational and workplace learning. She has worked in the higher education sector in staff development and taught emergency management in the Australian VET (vocational and education training) sector. Christine has taught subjects on a criminal justice degree and written a course on mental health and criminal justice.

Christine has taken part in several disaster recovery exercises as an umpire, and has gained experience in inter-country pandemic exercising and national after event evaluations. She has facilitated national EM workshops and taught an introduction to EM intensive course for SE Asian military personnel for the Australian Federal Attorney’s department.

Her research area is Emergency Management in the 21st century and the dissonance between theory and practice, with a focus on the promotion of productive engagement and reconciliation between theory and practice as one of the strategies to deal with the complexity of contemporary crises, through multidisciplinary collaboration and education of all sectors of society about living with hazard.

Christine has contributed to the CRJ through writing a number of articles dealing with the shifting nature of EM and the subsequent issues that are raised.