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Christo Motz

Christo Motz works as an International Consultant on Survival and Resilience. As a board member he writes articles for CRJ about self-reliance, survival and community safety during a crisis.

In 1990 he became a high school teacher in history and Dutch language, after two years he changed his focus to primitive technology and experimental archeology in the outdoors.

In April 2000 Christo started Fylgjur, Wilderness First Aid & Survival (, a company focused on self-reliance. He has trained thousands of medical students, medical doctors, nurses at the Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam, firefighters, military, police officers, outdoor-instructors, expedition members, travel guides, technical field officers (telecom/wind industry), park-rangers and youth in wilderness first aid, regular first aid, fire safety training and survivaltechniques.

In 2000 Christo trained as a Wilderness-EMT in the USA and worked as a volunteer firefighter in the Rotterdam-Rijnmond region between 2007-2010. He is as a First Aid instructor (Dutch Red Cross/Netherlands Resuscitation Council), Shiatsu therapist and International Lifeguard.

For over 30 years Christo has travelled extensively around the world, often to attend and run safety, wilderness first aid and survival training (NZ, Malaysia, USA, Canada, SA, Botswana, UK, the Alp countries, Estonia, Sweden, Belgium, etc).

From mid-July 2010 to the end of November 2010 he hiked from the Netherlands to South Tyrol in the North of Italy as part of his Woodwalk project.

Christo Motz is the author of the Survival Medicine Handbook, third edition published in 2012. He is co-author of an Outdoor First Aid Manual, 4th edition 2008 and co-author and board member for the Studybook on Acute Amergency Medicine, 1st edition June 2014 (All published in Dutch).
He is also a member of the medical committee of the Dutch Mountain and Climbing Association NKBV.

Christo attended additional advanced medical training (BATLS, Medic SF, Tropical Health) as a civilian within the Dutch military, Harbor Hospital Rotterdam, Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam and with the Swedish Armed Forces in winter and urban survival training.

He has collaborated with the Dutch Ministry of Safety and Justice and the Fire Dept Amsterdam-Amstelland in a number of projects, such as the Pilot Urban Survival for civilians and decision-makers/civil servants and an exchange meeting with a number of Swedish national agencies (MSB, Civil Defence), civil servants (Defence Ministry, Parliament) and rescue-organisations (Fire, Dispatch Center) in Stockholm, 2010.
He is also involved in the EU-ECHO Programme in Romania and Hungary (June 2015).

He is part of an international network of Nordic Survival Instructors and the recent years he has been running courses on survival medicine at the military training center in Kirna, Estonia.

Christo looks at our global problems from an integrated, holistic view and approach.
His strategic and advisory role (scenario development) is mainly focused on the effects of a massive black-out (power outage) on the critical infrastructure, as a possible result of man-made and/or natural disasters.

On an operational level Christo trains Dutch fire crews, fire commanding officers in teambuilding, leadership and mindfulness (tactical breathing and situational awareness). He lectures on survival and self-reliance for defence, corporate organisations, mountaineering organisations and civilians.