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Tim Willis

Tim is the Director, EMEA Corporate Security Sales for Dataminr, a technology platform that creates real-time, actionable alerts from publicly available information. Dataminr's machine-learning algorithms instantly transform public datasets into alerts that enable security, operations, financial and communications professionals to be alerted to critical information in real time.

Tim was previously Security Director at Control Risks, overseeing a 24/7 security operations and analysis team that provided advice and security support to companies operating in Africa, Europe, Russia, and Central Asia. During his tenure, he coordinated the responses to, and evacuations from, numerous crises, including those in Central Africa, West Africa,H and Europe. Prior to assuming this role, Tim ran the Control Risks office in Algeria for two years, following several years managing security projects for companies in various African countries, including Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Chad and Sudan.

Before joining the private sector, Tim held a commission in the British Army, serving as a Troop Leader in an armoured reconnaissance regiment. He holds a First Class Honours degree in Political Science from the University of Natal in South Africa.